3 Gains of Having A Comprehensive Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution



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Shipping and order deliveries are daily activities in any business. You must fulfil the customers’ orders and get them at their doorstep or pickup points. At the startup stage, your business has few orders for fulfilment. Instead of installing a multi-carrier shipping solution – which can be a costly affair, you can seek shipping services when you need them. Or else, the ad hoc shipping approach works perfectly for you. This option involves making an online comparison of various shipping providers and determining the best suit for you. You have much time to perform the task as your order fulfilment frequency is also low.

However, as the time goes by, your business start experiencing massive growth. Orders increase, and you have less time for comparing prices using the search engines. At this point, you have no option rather than installing a shipping solution. But is there any gain from this action or it is another approach for adding costs in your business without equivalent increases? Read on to know:

Opportunity to compare carriers’ rates

Delivering a purchase to the customer at the right time and the least cost is a desire of every entrepreneur. Comparing shipping carriers’ rate is one way of saving on cost. While most dispatch expert will advocate for sticking with one carrier – you will enjoy discounts, avoid delayed deliveries, and save some bucks, this might be only promising.

Like any other business, a multi-carrier shipping provider may perform excellently in one region and be a disgrace in another. Hence, these claims are vague. Having a shipping solution allows you to identify the most effective and reliable carrier to deliver an item to the customers’ pickup points. This way, you save some dollars.

Freedom of choice for your customers

As you know, each customer has their tastes and preferences. One carrier may be in the heart of a customer while it might be a bad idea for another. Due to this fact, it is essential to offer the customers the freedom to choose who should deliver the products to their destinations. One thing you need to know is that a customer checks the available shipping option before completing a transaction.

If you offer a single option and one that the customer considers as the worst in the market, you can be sure of a lost sale. Having a multi-carrier shipping rates can help you to solve this problem. The software will offer your customers an opportunity to find their suit. Hence cases of abandoned carts will reduce in your online store meaning an additional revenue in your wallet.

Essential for risk management

The phrase never put all your eggs on a single basket is popular. But how do eggs relate with shipping? Well, in the literal meaning, the phrase urges you not to rely on a single carrier. Shipping is the highest risk in a business. When shipping items in a particular destination, anything can happen. Nevertheless, it is hard to do away with the risk. So, the only thing you can do is to manage it.

Having a multi-carrier shipping software is one way of boosting your risk management. The software offers you varying options to mitigate the risks through the use of several carriers.  Also, by this, you will avoid the last-minute rushing when your only carrier fails. When this happens, you suffer by spending more cash trying to find a new carrier, mainly where the order you are fulfilling is urgent.

Comparing shipping carriers’

Wrapping up

As seen, installing a multi-carrier shipping solution in your business is a worthy step. With it, you save on cost, offer your customers a choice, and mitigate the shipping risks.


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